Frugal Advice from Patrick J. Beaird

Lunch Time!

Wow, you can't even go out for lunch without dropping 5 or 6 bucks unless you go with the dollar menu at the local burger joint!

Try this advice on for size to achieve a frugal lunch.

  • Bring your lunch and find a nice spot outside to enjoy it! (Sounds too easy!)
  • Plan ahead, look for coupons
  • Check out the restaurants near your workplace for specials
  • Try walking to a close restaurant
  • Carpool with friends
  • Order in, share and split the costs
  • Restrain yourself by ordering less (DON'T SUPER SIZE IT!!)
  • Drink water instead of soda or tea and I don't mean the bottled kind that typically costs a buck or more!

Knowing that you didn't over spend, over eat or waste your time getting there only to have to scarf the food down before lunch time is over sure can make that food taste better. Enjoy!!

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