Frugal Advice from Patrick J. Beaird

Be a Frugal Voter
Cast Your Vote With Knowledge, Wisdom and Integrity

We are only days away from the election and I feel that I would be remiss if I didn't put some thoughts together on the subject of voting with a frugal mind-set. Given that those we support with our vote, if elected, will impact our lives, a prudent decision on our part is a must.

Before you make a choice, I urge you to consider the following points.

Be a good citizen - The right to vote is one of the most valuable opportunities afforded an American citizen.

Wisdom - Don't waste your vote with an ill informed decision. It's worth the time to get informed. We often research for days, consult friends and even check out Consumer Reports before buying a car, TV or camera so why not apply the same effort and more to something as important as this!!

Be honest with yourself - Is the criteria you may have used in the past to pick a candidate weak or biased? Come on, be honest. Examples could be voting along straight party lines or by speaking ability or even looks without considering the real issues.

The greater good - Consider others and help stem the tide of selfishness that seems to grip this country.

Don't get mad or upset - When we get too emotional we often make poor decisions. Cool heads prevail.

Listen - If and when you get into a political conversation be a respectful listener.

Cut through the hype - Write down what is really important to you, and seek details about each candidate's stance on the subject. Go as far as to verify claims you hear and see.

Identify worthwhile criteria in which to measure the value of each candidate - Example: Moral and ethical position, voting record, who their friends, advisors and associates are.

There is no free lunch - Don't be fooled by big promises. Our nation is in huge debt and anyone who continues on this debt track ultimately will bankrupt us.

Don't compromise your values - If a candidate has made troubling comments and promises, and/or is associated with questionable people or organizations, don't just look the other way.

Religion and Faith - If you truly have religion and faith, don't betray them. Stand up for what you believe!

Trustworthy advisors and sources - We can't know everything, so it's good to identify advisors and sources of information you can gain further insight from. This could include friends, family, your pastor or even talk radio hosts!

Research, Research, Research - Learn as much as you can about the candidates and the issues. Access to the Internet is extremely valuable in gaining applicable knowledge, so leverage it as much as you can.

Pray - Many people in the US demand separation of church and state and or support issues counter to His teachings thus asking God to step away and then later complain about a god who would allow sorrow and hardship. God can help the USA if we only pray, believe and actively follow!

Lastly, I've gathered up a few interesting links that I want to share with you.

One of the candidates suggests you take a day off to help them win. Perhaps a better use of that day off would be to take the day off to make sure you are truely making the best choice for you, your community and your country. The time and effort you take to get informed is well worth it. Thanks!!

God bless America!!

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