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Be a Frugal Voter
We are only days away from the election, and I feel that I would be remiss if I didn't put some thoughts together on the subject of voting with a frugal mindset. Given that those we support with our vote, if elected, will impact our lives as well as millions of others, a prudent decision on our part is a must.

Reducing Your Pain at the Pump
Here in Springfield (IL) gas has been hovering around $4 per gallon for weeks! At that price even filling up a gas can for your lawn mower can hurt, let alone a mini van. While buying gas may be painful, don't get depressed just yet. Let's go over some pro-active steps to minimize the pain and make the most of the situation.

A Frugal Movie Night
Movies can be a great form of inexpensive and convenient entertainment especially in comparison to other more costly forms such as theater, concerts and sporting events. They take us on exciting adventures, show us exotic locations and immerse us in sorrow or happiness. And yet, if we are not discerning they can be a big fat waste of money and time!

Grocery Shopping Strategery!
Grocery shopping is a necessary chore, much like the laundry, gassing up the car or taking out the trash. You or someone in your family has to do it, whether you like it or not. Ok, so how about developing a strategy to make the best of it!!

The Real Deal!
Just walk into almost any store and take a look around. If you look hard enough you'll find signs displaying 40%, 50%, 75% or even 90% off confirming that it's a frugal shopper's dream come true, or is it!?!?

Getting the Value out of Convenience!
Convenience here, convenience there, convenience is everywhere!! I'm amazed at the conveniences available to us everywhere we look. I can get the handy snack size of just about anything, pick up eggs and milk at the gas station, and I hear I may soon be able to rent a movie at my local fast food joint! So, what does all this convenience mean for you and me?!

The Internet Decision
Be it TV, movies, radio, product packaging or even government, we are continually encouraged or directed to visit numerous web sites each day. The Internet has definitely become a part of our culture!

Be Prepared for Emergencies
For those of you who are/were Scouts (Girls or Boys) I'm sure you remember the motto "Be Prepared". Living that motto when it comes to life changing emergencies from tornadoes and winter storms to pandemic flu is a must!

There's Value in Your Stuff
Who has extra stuff, junk or whatever you want to call it sitting in your basement, garage and/or closets? Raise your hand if you do! Well, its time to make...

Lunch Time!
Wow, you can't even go out for lunch without dropping 5 or 6 bucks unless you go with the dollar menu at the local burger joint!

'Tis the Season to be Frugal!
Christmas is amazing! The commemoration of the birth of Christ long ago continues to conjure up the warmth of family gatherings, joy, giving and love. We go to great lengths to make the day perfect, from enduring long lines to spending more than we can perhaps truly afford all for the sake of our friends and family.
The problem with over spending, especially in tough economic times, is that the eventual stress and pain of debt may far surpass the initial joy of giving.

A key element to success at being frugal is thankfulness for the little things as well as the big.

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