Vehicle Purchase Advise

I can help you make an informed purchase and save 100's or 1000's of dollars!!!

A vehicle is one of the largest and most important purchases anyone can make. Our vehicle means a lot to us as Americans because it represents the freedom to go where we want when we want to. However, vehicles are now more expensive than ever to purchase and maintain.

Often in the excitement of the moment, people act before they should or are talked into a poor purchase only to end up harboring regret even if they never acknowledge it. A poorly planned purchase can also carry with it much financial hardship, loss of time and mental stress.

Even if the vehicle is just what you want and the deal sounds pretty good take the time to consider a few things Before you buy!!

Did you think of:
  • Insurance
  • Regular Maintenance Costs
  • Average Annual Repair Costs
  • Costs to Operate
  • Monthly Payment
  • Loan Interest

Take the time to determine the various average costs on a monthly basis and compare the results to your budget before you buy! You may find out that the deal you thought was too good to pass up wasn't so sweet after all.

Copyright 2007 Patrick Beaird